Getting unstuck

Fall is fast approaching – and it’s a time for moving forward.  But how can you move forward if you are feeling stuck? You may be stuck in a bad relationship, stuck in an unfulfilling job, stuck in bad health or pain – or stuck in a negative frame of mind.

What really keeps us from getting unstuck are the limited beliefs we may have and held on to for years. Do you ever hear yourself say any of the following: This is how I was raised, and that’s how I am … I’ll never be happy … I’ll never have enough money … There are no jobs out there for me… I’m too old to change… This kind of critical thinking is all just a mindset. Change is possible and it can be yours if you are open to it.
Like most people, I’ve been stuck many times in my life.  In a difficult marriage, in an unfulfilling public relations business, and stuck in bed with three hairline fractures of my pelvis after a bad fall.

But one experience that really stands out is when I turned 66 and was dreading my next birthday because I was sure the end was near for me. Fortunately, I went to my naturopath for a routine visit and told her I felt that I would die when I turned 67. After all, my mother died of cancer at 67 and my father died of a heart attack at age 61. And I felt that I would be next to go.  My naturopath sat back slowly in her chair and looked at me sternly and said: “You need to rewrite your script!”

Somehow her words resonated with me at that moment. So, when I returned home I actually rewrote my script, my life story. I wrote that I would live to be 100 years old. And If I was going to live for 33 more years, I wanted to spend my time working at something more meaningful that had purpose, and was heart felt where I could help others. So, I decided to leave public relations and become a certified life coach and certified clinical hypnotherapist.  That change of attitude transformed my life, and that’s how I became unstuck.
Changing your body language.
Being stuck can paralyze you emotionally and physically. The quickest way to move forward is to change your stuck state by changing your body language. If you are stuck and in a state of negativity – how does your body look? How does it feel?Are your shoulders and arms slumped? Is your breathing shallow?Are you speaking in a low voice?When you are in a happy and powerful state, arms and shoulders are back, you speak louder and are self-assured. 

A quick exercise:  Stand in your power.
To get unstuck quickly you need to change your body language and stand in your power.  Stand up like the wonder that you are! Hands on your waist, legs apart, shoulders back, chest out, looking forward. Breathe slowly and deeply. Take a slow, deep breath in, and let it out slowly.  Take another slow, deep breath in and let it out slowly.  Now, in your most confident voice say loudly:

Remember that when you are stuck in a state of being sad, frustrated and/or depressed, you can’t be resourceful. Take a power stance. Also breathe, meditate, pray, take a walk, write down your gratitude, rewrite your script. You will begin to experience some powerful changes.

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