Lessons From a Fall

I am excited to announce that the book I’ve written with two other life coaches and authors, Rebecca Hufford and Cat Wilson has been published, released and is available for purchase below.

Lessons From a Fall Book

Lessons From a Fall, Three Powerful Women and Their Stories of Transformation and Growth are engrossing inspirational stories that will enlighten, inspire, empower and help motivate you to make the critical changes needed in your world.

Lessons From a Fall is a collaborative effort where we share the difficulties of our personal journeys as well as the incredible wisdom we each gleaned along the way.

Our book proves that through grit and inner strength — nothing is impossible.

Our lesson is that although changing oneself can often seem impossible, it can be done. We each write about our personal challenges, sometimes in painful detail that brought us from adversity into love, fulfillment and our current roles as healers of the mind and heart.

Lessons From a Fall makes a great gift for yourself and others who are searching for an engrossing and well-written book to keep by your bedside to read over and over.

Click below to purchase your copy. Purchasing is processed through PayPal. You do not need a Paypal account and PayPal accepts all major credit cards.

If you have any questions or need more information, please contact Bela Friedman at bela@belacoaching.com or call 503-939-2269.


“I’m delighted to have worked with Bela Friedman on her contributions to the book “Lessons from a Fall.” While keeping a detached editor’s eye was vital, I also spent enough time with her work to get a lot out of it myself. In particular, the story “Breathe in Faith, Breathe out Fear” provided a helpful push for me to commit to growing Hybrid Pub Scout Media into something viable. The piece describes Bela’s own transition to being unhappy in her personal life and underpaid at work to taking control of her future and starting her PR business. The work came at a really important moment of transition for me. I’d just left my job and was wondering how I was going to build my business from occasional freelance work into something coherent, fulfilling, and lucrative. There’s still much to do, but I’m thankful to see an example of how it really is possible. Pretty cool synchronicity, right?”

– Emily Einolander