From Sight to Vision

I led a wonderful women’s circle recently based on a beautiful article from the Daily OM – one of my favorite websites that sends daily words of wisdom written by a very talented Madisyn Taylor.
Briefly, it stated, “Sight is the ability to see the physical world, while vision is the gift of seeing beyond it. Anyone who has lost their eyesight can tell you there are things that are clearer when you cannot see the world through your eyes. One of the reasons many meditation instructors advise sitting with eyes closed is because we automatically become more in touch with our inner world when we aren’t distracted by the outer world.”
The article went on to say that those of us with perfect eyesight will generally lose some of the acuity, but that this loss is usually replaced with inner vision.
To me, inner vision and trusting my intuition go hand in hand. When I was younger, I struggled developing inner vision. I just didn’t trust myself, nor was I ready to listen to my intuition. I did what I thought I was supposed to do. I had difficulties in high school and college, was in some destructive and toxic relationships, and had a difficult first marriage. It was only as I grew older that I allowed my vision to blossom into my soul’s purpose. I finally started believing and trusting in myself. I became accountable to fulfill what was pulling at my heart strings. When my successful 30-year career in public relations wasn’t giving me joy, I listened to the universe and ultimately created a new vision and passion for my life: To help others one on one. Once I made the decision to become certified in life coaching and hypnotherapy my inner vision guided me to help others make positive changes in their lives. And I’m so glad it did!
What can you do to move from sight to vision?

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