Getting your mojo back

The word “mojo” is said to have come from West African slaves and relates to magic and spells that generate power and good luck. Today the word mojo refers to a source of vigor, energy, sexual potency, and power.

If you are feeling depleted, overwhelmed, overworked, stressed-out, tired, bored or lethargic, you may have lost your mojo. And once you lose mojo, it can be challenging to find the motivation to reclaim it. You don’t want to remain in that mojo-less place for too long, or your lost mojo might mushroom into a full-blown depression.

You can begin to feel more energy and enthusiasm about yourself and all the world has to offer just by making some small life changes that will release the magic of your mojo.

I know what it’s like to lose mojo, but I’ve been able to reclaim it again and again: Living in a failed marriage, during a separation, as a single mom, financial crisis, being “laid off” from a job I needed but detested, losing my parents, recovering from a serious injury.  The list goes on and on, but the good news is that I’ve always been able to reclaim my mojo.  And so can you!

Here are five action steps to help you reclaim your mojo when you feel that it’s lost:

  1. Address your stress and get unstuck.  If you feel overwhelmed — lighten your load and be aware of what is causing you stress. You may first feel stuck and that nothing is working for you, but if you shift your perspective your mojo will show up. Journaling is a great way to address the source of your stress. Write at least a paragraph on how you’d like your life to change, and believe it – and your mojo will show up.
  2. Stay away from negativity. If you are serious about getting back on track you have to stay away from negativity. This includes toxic and negative people and negative talk.  Keeping a gratitude journal will do wonders for your attitude.
  3. Have fun. Recall the things you did when you were younger that gave you joy.  Grab a pen and paper and write down the fun things you did and circle the things that you’d like to do again.  And start doing them!
  4. Start with baby steps. It’s easy to be overwhelmed. But one small step can help restore your confidence. With one step at time you can conquer the unconquerable.
  5. Don’t be afraid or embarrassed to ask for help. Sometimes the simple act of asking for help from a friend, coach or counselor can be the boost you need for getting your mojo back. Speaking to someone can help you remember that everyone needs help from time to time and that no one can do it alone.

Can you think of more ways to get your mojo back?

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