Here are some common questions about hypnosis and hypnotherapy:

Will I be asleep when I’m hypnotized? 

No, you will not be sleeping. You will be in a very pleasant, relaxed, and peaceful state in which all the senses are more acute. You will be awake and aware of everything that’s going on around you during your hypnotherapy session.

Can I be stuck in a hypnotic state?

No, you cannot be stuck in a hypnotic state. Just as a person cannot be hypnotized against their own will, they can bring themselves out of trance in a split second.

Will I bark like a dog or cluck like a chicken?

There are many myths about hypnosis that have been perpetrated by Hollywood movies and TV.  Not remembering anything from the hypnosis session, barking like a dog or clucking like a chicken against your will are myths.  Only under very special circumstances does a person forget everything from a hypnosis session.  Hypnosis cannot make anyone do something against their will.

Will I lose control?

This is another myth.  You always have control, and you hear what’s going on.  Hypnosis is a state of relaxed deep focus. If you are in a trance and wish to be fully awake, you can just count to yourself “1-2-3,” and open your eyes.

What are some common uses for hypnosis? 

There are a myriad of problems and conditions that hypnosis can help.

Some of the most common are a variety of health issues and conditions including:

  • Fears and phobias
  • Personal and career challenges
  • Motivation issues
  • Lack of confidence
  • Stress management
  • Procrastination
  • Weight management
  • Smoking cessation

What is a typical hypnosis session?

In the initial session, we discuss your reasons for pursuing hypnosis and what you want to achieve. I explain hypnosis to you and answer all your questions.

My sessions are all about finding the best perspectives and solutions that work for you, with relaxation and comfort always coming first. When we brainstorm you will discover hope, and we will
lighten things up to obtain the most optimum results.

In the second session and when you feel comfortable, we begin our work in trance in order to accomplish your desired results and to lay a foundation for growth.

You’ll sit in a comfortable chair or sofa and simply listen to my voice as you enter a relaxed state. Because you are aware of what is going on, you will not do or say anything that is not in harmony with your deepest nature.

The unconscious mind is your truest friend and constant protector. You’ll be given specific suggestions to help achieve your goals. When your session is over you will open your eyes feeling refreshed and relaxed.

About hypnosis sessions 

I see clients by appointment only at my office in the Portland, Oregon area as well as by phone and Internet. My office provides a comfortable and supportive atmosphere where I offer the utmost in confidentiality.

Hypnotherapy sessions usually last from 60 to 90 minutes, with the exception of the first session, which is 2 hours. For first-time clients, I always provide up to 30 minutes for a preliminary phone consultation at no charge to discuss your needs.

Call today for a free 30-minute consultation at 503-939-2269, or send an email to bela@belacoaching.com.