Are you stuck? Rewrite your script!

I’ve known and worked with many people who are stuck or who have been stuck in their lives or careers – including myself.  

Being stuck in one’s life can go on for years and can be very frustrating. You can be stuck at home with your parents, stuck in an unloving or abusive relationship or marriage, with your children, in a job, in an unfulfilling business – really in any aspect of your life.

journal, journaling, scriptI’ve been stuck many times in my life, but what really stands out for me is when I was approaching my 60’s.  My father had died at 61 of a sudden heart attack and my mother at age 67 of ovarian cancer. I was grateful to make it to 66, but then really started getting worried and obsessed that I wouldn’t live past 67. I thought about it all the time.

Then one afternoon I was at my naturopath’s office for an unrelated issue and mentioned to her that I was very nervous about turning 67 – and that I may not make it!  She looked at me very seriously and with a very stern voice said, “You need to rewrite your script!”  

A lightbulb suddenly went off in my head, and I went home and rewrote my life’s script in my journal.  My attitude actually changed as I was writing that I would make it to the ripe old age of 95 and I felt so relieved. A few years later I read an incredible book, I’ve Decided to Live to be 120 Years by Ilchi Lee, that I highly recommend, and I changed my script age to 120. That has really changed my attitude to, “there is no stopping me now!”

Have you had an experience where you’ve been stuck?  In rewriting our scripts, we can learn how to re-frame the pieces of our past and re-envision our life stories from suffering to joy, from fear to faith, and can radically boost our chances of healing, empowerment, growth and transformation.

Journaling is an extremely powerful tool.

Journaling has emerged as an extremely powerful tool for bringing about positive life changes, clarifying personal and career goals, and identifying the actions that move you forward and into your flow, so that you can experience life the way you dream of living it.

Personal, informal writing in a journal, a diary, notebook or on a computer is the ultimate transformation tool.  In this writing there are no rules. There is no right or wrong. This writing is not for publication and its not anything that you have to share.  People who find writing “painful” say they appreciate the cathartic aspect of journaling.

Are you ready to rewrite your script?

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