Our Precious Moments

As my husband and I celebrated Thanksgiving a few weeks ago, we had to navigate being grateful in this very strange time. We all have many things to be grateful for. But many of us couldn’t be with our loved ones; things today are strange and different.

I was feeling pretty let down when it was decided that we couldn’t visit two of our adult children, their spouses and our four grandchildren in California because of Covid. It was a punch in the gut because we haven’t seen them in more than a year. We had a nice Zoom Thanksgiving, and we also do lots of Facetime. I’m very grateful for the technology that is now available enabling all of us to reach far and touch those we love.

But as I was going through my pity party, I re-read an article on the Daily OM website written by its founder, the talented Madisyn Taylor. Here are some snippets from her quote: “Honoring our memories and focusing on the ways our past experiences have blessed us can offer a richer awareness and appreciation for where we currently are in life. While we can relive happy memories and honor our experiences, we can’t go back and dwell in the past. Choosing to honor your memories and then move forward with hope and joy for the future will help you to feel more optimistic about your current circumstances today.”

I started to think about the many precious moments of my past – and began writing them down. And it gave me such a lift!

I’d like to give you the same opportunity. So here is a wonderful journaling exercise that will help you get in touch with what truly has given you joy in life, especially if you are feeling down about not being able to see your loved ones in person during this holiday season. Open a journal or notebook, take a pen and make a list of the precious moments you’ve had in life. You will feel so much better!

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