Learning To Let My Light Shine

I learned to let my light shine by being true to myself.

But it took so many years to find that light and the truth of my soul.

The light that allowed me to marry someone I loved and who loved me.

I let my light shine by leaving Los Angeles and moving to Oregon with my children and new husband not knowing a soul when I arrived.

Being true to myself by leaving my public relations business after more than 30 years of work that no longer brought me joy.

I let my light shine by following my spiritual journey that led me to discover a new field that I love.

Now my light shines brightly in the work I do to inspire others to shine their lights brightly as well.

My light shines in my adult children and the beautiful bright eyes, laughter and love of my grandchildren.

That light that will be passed on and touch others in ways no one yet knows and will burn brightly for generations to come hopefully in a world of truth, justice and peace.

It took many years, but I had to reach deep into my soul to find my light, my truth.

It was difficult taking off the mask of happiness, the mask that was a lie so many years ago…

But now, years later I’m happy that I did, because life is fulfilling, precious and full.

Being my true self and knowing that I’ve allowed myself to blossom and my spiritual light to shine has helped so many others do the same.

Are you allowing your light to shine?

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