Do you make time to be playful and have fun?

Being playful is easy when we are children, but as we become adults, and go through difficult challenges in our lives, a serious side takes over. Some of us have had difficult, challenging childhoods, while others had wonderful and delightful childhoods. But today, it really doesn’t matter.  Playfulness brings joy, and what better feeling can we bring today than joy within ourselves!

I can’t say that my childhood was an easy one. My parents didn’t get along and unfortunately, things were not light-hearted in my young world. But fortunately, I married someone who is very playful… and that was one of the things that drew me to him. He is a great “fun” role model, and being playful is one of the wonderful things he has taught me.

Here is a portion of a short article, “Playfulness Brings Joy,” written by Madyson Taylor, founder of the Daily OM website:

“When we approach our lives with a spirit of fun and liveliness, our interactions provide us with a satisfying sense of pleasure. Even though it may seem that joking around or playing is not a mature way to be, when we do this, we are aligning ourselves much more closely with our true spirit. This type of energy allows us to be much more aware of each moment and content with how we spend our time with others. Letting yourself play, joke, and laugh unabashedly will fill today with happiness and wonder.”

Bela Life Coaching Can Help You Learn to Have More Fun

Research shows that being playful is a key way to get more out of life. Even though we are busy with everyday responsibilities and schedules, it’s important to make time for play and leisure.

Here are 10 examples I’ve shared with clients for having fun and being playful:

  1. Sing and dance just for the fun of it.
  2. Spend time with the children in your life, observing them as they play, listening to their conversation, and following their train of thought.
  3. Cultivate a happy, joyful, positive attitude, full of gratitude for even the smallest, everyday things.
  4. Plan to make play part of your day, whether it is indoor or outdoor, solo or social, active or quiet.
  5. Try face & finger painting.
  6. Try lip-synching. Turn off the sound on your TV and make up the dialogues yourself.
  7. Watch funny movies.
  8. Watch the moon and stars come out. Say “aaaaaaa” and “oooooo” a lot.
  9. Wear two different colored shoes or socks (dare to be different).
  10. Adopt a pet.

Now it’s your turn. Take out a journal or piece of paper and write about the things you like to do to be playful and have fun… or, write about the things you would like to do to be playful and have fun. Don’t overthink it.

What is Life Coaching?

The life coaching process is about identifying where you are now, where you would like to be, and then closing that gap.

My name is Bela, and as your life coach my goal is to help you achieve all that’s mentioned above. Through Bela Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, I’ve helped many clients achieve their personal and professional goals. I am a certified life coach as well as a certified clinical hypnotherapist. Need help with stress management, self-confidence or career development? I can help with that and more. Through Bela Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy, I can help you achieve long-term, sustainable, positive change(s).

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