What is a Surgery Coach?

Hearing the words, “You have to have surgery” can be a frightening experience. But you don’t have to face it alone.  As your surgery coach, I will assist and guide you on the best way to prepare for surgery by learning mind-body techniques to reduce stress before surgery, use less pain medication and heal faster.

As a certified life coach, certified clinical hypnotherapist, and certified in Peggy Huddleston’s Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster™ workshop, I will help you become a more relaxed and empowered patient through research proven mind-body techniques.  Hundreds of research studies have documented that people who prepare for surgery have less pain, fewer complications, take less pain meds and recover faster. 

The five-step Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster Program™ developed by Huddleston allows individuals to start the healing process by decreasing stress and developing a more positive attitude before, during and after surgery.

My inspiration to help others prepare for surgery was my own experience undergoing a total hip replacement. My “aha” moment came after reading Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster – a Guide to Body Mind Techniques by Huddleston. I followed the five-step mind-body program using visualization and healing statements among other empowering techniques. I not only felt peaceful and empowered before surgery, I used very little pain medication following surgery and recovered quickly. My surgeon and his staff were stunned at my quick recovery. I was so excited about my experience that I became certified in the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster ™ program.

With this mind-body approach, I will guide you to enhance your healing as you prepare for any type of minor or major surgery or medical or dental procedure.

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