Nurture Your Inner Serenity to Find Peace in the World and Yourself

The world is in a big mess, but in our quest for world peace, we must begin by nurturing inner serenity. Peace within ourselves radiates outward, creating a ripple effect that can help heal our troubled world. Here’s how:

  • Begin by decluttering your mind. Embrace meditation, a sanctuary for the soul, to find stillness within.
  • Let go of grudges and grievances, forgiving not just others, but yourself as well.
  • Practice empathy, for understanding dissolves prejudices.
  • Connect with nature; it’s a profound source of tranquility.
  • Make kindness a habit, for small acts of goodwill resonate globally. By fostering peace within, we become beacons of hope, illuminating a path towards a more harmonious world.

If you are having challenges with nurturing yourself, forgiving yourself or others, moving forward or letting go of your wounded inner child, please reach out to me. I give free consultations and offer Zoom and in-person life and energy coaching, relationship coaching and hypnotherapy sessions to meet your financial needs. I’m also certified in the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster™ developed by Peggy Huddleston. Contact me for a free consultation at 503-939-2269 or You can learn more about my services at and

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