What is Life Coaching? 

The life coaching process is about identifying where you are now, where you would like to be, and then closing that gap. 

My name is Bela, and as your life coach I am ready to help you start a new a purposeful chapter in your life. I offer expert life coaching services through Bela Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. If you are seeking out life coaching services in Portland, Oregon, you need look no further than Bela Life Coaching and Hypnotherapy. As a certified life coach and a certified hypnotherapist, I can help you meet personal and professional goals. Long-term, sustainable, positive change is within your reach today. 

Do You Suffer From A Phobia? 

If the answer is yes, you aren’t alone. Around 19 million Americans suffer from phobias on a mild to severe level. A phobia is a sort of anxiety disorder that is characterized by an excessive, persistent fear of a particular object or situation. Those affected by phobias will often go to great lengths to avoid the situation or object. 

When you’re eager to avoid your fears and phobias, you can miss out on life. In the process of avoiding that which upsets you, you may pass on social events, opportunities, and so on. Too often people let their fears and phobias hold them back. 

Seek Help To Overcome Fears And Phobias With Bela Life Coaching 

As your life coach, I will help you identify your challenges and work with you to turn those challenges into victories. You, too, can stand victorious over your fears and phobias. It’s time to stop letting fear decide your future for you and to take charge of your life. 

Seek Life Coaching In Portland, OR 

If you live or work in Portland, OR and are looking for life coaching services near you, contact Bela Life Coaching. I offer in-person, online, and over-the-phone life coaching services. You choose the life coaching method that is best for you. 

Seek the Guidance You Need Through Bela Life Coaching.  

My life coaching services include:  

• Stress management 

• Personal and career development 

• Eliminating sabotaging behaviors 

• Improved self-confidence 

• Achieving success 

• Increased motivation 

• Overcoming phobias and fears 

• Weight management 

• Chronic pain management 

• Smoking cessation 

• Enjoying a more satisfying life 

Contact Bela Certified Life Coach  

As a certified life coach located in Beaverton, just west of Portland Oregon, I’m eager to help my clients create positive changes in their lives that are long-term and sustainable. As a personal development coach, I am committed to your growth. In addition to having my certification both as a life coach and hypnotherapist, I am also certified to deliver the Prepare for Surgery, Heal Faster™ workshop. To learn more about how I can help you make a positive change in your life, contact me for a free 30-minute consultation. You can also call me at 503-848-3640 or email bela@belacoaching.com

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