Being Playful During the Pandemic

With the pandemic encroaching our lives there continues to be a lot of heaviness in the world today. But we can change that feeling if we give ourselves permission to have fun and be playful. Being playful comes naturally when we are children, but as we become adults and go through difficulties in our lives, a serious side takes over.

Some of us had difficult and challenging childhoods, while others had delightful and fun times. But today, it really doesn’t matter. Playfulness brings joy within ourselves and what better feeling can we bring today in the midst of a global pandemic than to find joy within ourselves?

I can’t say that my childhood was fun or easy. Things were not light hearted in my home. My parents were holocaust survivors and did not get along. But I smiled and wore that “happy” mask for many, many years. In my second marriage I married a man who is playful and fun – and that was what drew me to him. It was a challenge for me to learn to be playful. Of course, I smiled and continued to wear that old “happy” mask that I learned so long ago. But little by little, after learning how to meditate, breathe and lots of work on myself, I finally allowed my spirit to let go and have more fun and appreciate the joy that I have within. After 31 years of marriage, being light hearted is something that I still strive for and still work at. My husband, Nelson, is a great role model.

I’d like to share an article, “Playfulness Brings Joy,” written beautifully by Madyson Taylor, creator of the Daily OM website.

“When we approach our lives with a spirit of fun and liveliness, we are aligning ourselves much more closely with our true spirit…Letting yourself play, joke and laugh unabashedly will fill today with happiness and wonder.”

One way to be more playful is to cultivate a happy, joyful, positive attitude, full of gratitude for even the smallest, everyday things. What ways can you be more playful today?

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