A Mother’s Day Love Note

I’m sending you all a Mother’s Day love note — if you are a mother or not. We all need to feel love and warmth a little more these days. I was inspired to send you these wonderful words from Messages from the Angels by Dawn Lianna.

You are cherished. You are a precious child of the universe and you are cherished just because. Without lifting a finger, you are cherished. You are cherished and loved.

Be good to yourself today. Self-care is important.

This is a different type of Mother’s Day, and it may be difficult time for many. But remember that what we are going through is only temporary. Remember to breathe. We will get through this pandemic as we will enter a new normal in the not too distant future. No one really knows how to navigate what we are all going through. Staying safe, taking care of yourself and your loved ones at home is enough.

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Sent with love,

Bela Friedman

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