10 Tips for Coping with Election News – and Self Care

Woman meditating on the beach.

Are you stressed out about the election? I know I am. Here are 10 simple tips for coping with the election and self care that I’m using and wanted to share.

  1. If you are feeling anxious, sit or lie down and take at least 10 slow deep breaths, in through your nose, and slowly out through your mouth.
  2. Limit your news intake. Take a break from social media, TV and/or radio news and get active.
  3. Meditate and concentrate on your breath.
  4. Listen to your favorite music.
  5. Practice compassion and self-care.
  6. Keep your body moving and exercise. Drink plenty of water.
  7. Focus on nature; go for walks and enjoy the beautiful changing fall season with its magnificent colorful trees and clean brisk air.
  8. Keep a journal/notebook and write down your feelings; write at least three things you are grateful for.  Also write what brings you joy.
  9. Focus on things you can control — and let go of things you can’t.
  10. Vote!

Please consider forwarding these tips to a friend or someone you love. It might be just what they need. If you enjoy this message, please share. Make this your special self-care time.

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