Giving Yourself Permission to be Empowered Today

If you need help dealing with stress – or just need encouragement, here are 10 wonderful affirmations sent to me by Nick Ortner of the Tapping Solution that may help. Notice what it feels like when you say these affirmations. You are encouraged to bring this sense of empowerment and trust to yourself today.

1. “I give myself permission to breathe and become present right here, right now.”

2. “I give my brain and body permission to slow down and relax.”

3. “I give myself permission to feel my feelings, as they are right now.”

4. “I give myself permission to do whatever I need to do in this moment to feel good.”

5. “I give myself permission to make time for joy, humor, fun, and rest.”

6. “I give myself permission to go at my own pace.”

7. “I give myself permission to let go of judgment and criticism about myself and others.”

8. “I give myself permission to feel powerful, free, brave, and whole.”

9. “I give myself permission to trust myself.”

10. “I give myself permission to be right where I am… and I also give myself permission to change and grow.”

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